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I’m feeling yucky right now. Been nauseated since about 3 A.M. with chills and interrupted sleep. The stomach doctor changed my medication and I’ve been getting sicker and sicker so I stopped taking it yesterday; don’t know how long it will be before it’s out of my system, but I’m way past ready. I have good days then bad days but not too much in between. I just want to not be sick anymore!!!

Diego says he's going to like summer in Texas if I keep buying him ice cream

Diego says he’s going to like summer in Texas if I keep buying him ice cream

Yesterday was a good day.  I took Diego down to Mom’s to play with Pepper and they really enjoyed each other.  She said to bring him back any time.  On the way home, since we hadn’t eaten all day, I pulled in to Sonic and bought both of us an ice cream. Diego said he likes that ice cream stuff but if he eats very much of it he starts shivering.  I put the rest of it in the freezer so he can enjoy it another time.

I saw the pain doctor on Thursday and they’re going to do some nerve blocks in my lower back on the 22nd and 29th, so eventually I ought to be back to myself and be able to do more.  I’m looking forward to that…a lot.

We had an adoption event scheduled for today but I never could find out any details about when/where we were to meet or who was doing what.  Then, after being sick all night I wasn’t up to going anyway.  We were going to take Princess.  I made her a blanket, embroidered her name on a new harness and monogrammed her new dress.  She would have been the prettiest dog there.  I’ll try to get some photos.  I’ve been altering all the dog harnesses so they fit and the dogs stay in them, especially the tiny dogs.  Even the extra small size is too big for the little ones.

We got our new fish tank put together when Ronnie got home from work last night.  The other one was too tall for me to reach down into which made caring for it difficult at times.  We bought some fish at the local shop and they had ich.  We lost the entire tank in just a few days and I decided to replace it instead of cleaning and restocking the same one I’d been complaining about.  Ronnie agreed with me.  We bought some feeder fish to stock the new one with so we can get the tank cycled where it’ll support good fish.  None died overnight but we’ll give it a week or so and see where we stand then.  I’ll try to get some photos of that, too.

I’m going to go see if we have some Dramamine in the dogs’ medicine chest.  Yuck!




Princess in Love Me Mode the night she came.

Princess in Love Me Mode the night she came.

There’s a new Chi in town! One I wasn’t expecting and had nothing to do with, for once.  We were supposed to get this dog for ourselves about a year ago.  Then the lady who rescued her fell in love and we ended up rescuing Zoe and Keira instead.

So, now that we have a full house we get Princess anyway.  OMG!  Too many dogs!!  She is the straw that broke the camel’s back!  But she has no one else and no place to go.  A long story short is she started going through some fear aggression and her family refuses to deal with what they’ve done to her so they’ve thrown her away.  So we will find her a better home with humans who can be trusted….I hope.

I’ve fallen hopelessly, helplessly in love with Diego so he’s going nowhere!  That little 4 1/2 pounds is a total love bug.  Sweet! Sweet!  Sweet!  And he and Zoe are the absolute best of friends.  Since they’re both tiny they spend lots of time running together and wrestling in the grass.  It’s so precious!  Since the weather is beginning to get gorgeous I’ll be spending more time sitting on the patio taking pictures of the dogs again.  I can see the future already where my dogs are concerned!  LOL

My back is not better.  I have made another appointment with the pain doctor for Thursday so hopefully things will change for the better at some point this week.  I voluntarily took the steroids again and they were not as effective as they were the first time…..and they totally fucked up my life!  I was angry, exhausted, depressed, etc., etc., etc., until yesterday.  I lost a whole week due to side effects.  Crap!!!!!!!!!  And I’m back on the sleeping pills because I’m not sleeping any better either.

Today, with Ronnie home from work I want to get to the grocery store because with the pain back in force I probably won’t get much done outside of the house this week.  Good thing is that I’m about to get back into the sewing room.  I have gone in and reorganized some stuff and bought fabric for a new summer maxi-dress I’m looking forward to making for myself.  Spring is good!  Getting my motivation back, I hope.  Time to go.  Got a lot to accomplish on this beautiful day!


Diego, 1 year old, 4 1/2 pounds of studliness

Diego, 1 year old, 4 1/2 pounds of studliness

Same song.  Next dog.  This time his name is Diego (was Coco before we got him).  It was one of those nights on Facebook when someone asked if anyone could take in this little Chihuahua male and I said, “sure”.  Don’t know for sure if we’ll keep him or if we’ll rehome him but he’s a cute little critter.  Just had him neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated last Friday so he’s still healing.  He knows he’s a mama’s baby already.  If I leave him he will find me wherever I am.  If I leave him in bed in the dark and walk away he cries until I go back for him.  Today when my housekeeper came over he tried to eat her alive in order to protect me from her.  LOL  I’ve known her longer than I’ve known him and trust her more….but he doesn’t know that.  I crate them all when she comes so she doesn’t have to fall over them or deal with them while she’s hard at work.  All 4 1/2 pounds of him sounded quite vicious.

Today I finished the steroids the GP gave me last week.  It helped a lot while I was taking it but not long term.  The pain is back so it’s time for the MRI.  Guess they’ll set that up for some time next week.  Oh.  Joy.  I made a point of making a trip to Kroger’s today because I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk again after today.  Monday will be 5 weeks since I hurt my back and Ronnie’s been buying the groceries for us.  Such is life, I suppose.  Back to the drawing board.  I’m sure they’ll figure it out eventually.

It’s 2:30 A.M. and I can’t sleep.  Again.  Back to the chiropractor tomorrow then I’ll take Diego down to meet mom and Pepper.  Maybe they’ll play together.  Hopefully it’ll be good for both of them.  And it’ll get me out of the house for a bit as well.

I’ve got to get back in my sewing room.  I need to set aside some time strictly for sewing because it’s not working out just expecting for the time to pop up by itself.   I don’t know why I’m feeling so discouraged about my sewing right now.  Surely this too will pass.  At least I can sit down and sew so it’s something I can do no matter what my back decides to do.  <sigh>  Nothing like a little drama.  I’m outta here!

Pepper Is Home

Another day—another dog.  LOL  Mr. Pepper is indeed home with his new mom and they’re both happy as clams.

Mom and Pepper relaxing at home

Mom and Pepper relaxing at home

I go down to visit about once a week and they’re doing great.  Mom’s bigger, older dog, Dusty, doesn’t want to play with Pepper but they manage and haven’t butted heads over anything.  So it looks like Heaven for this little one.

We had 3 big mix puppies for the past 9 days.  It was a house full and they were only 11 weeks old so we spent most of the week teaching them to go outside to potty.  And they were beginning to get the hang of it, too.  Yesterday they went on to other fosters.

Meghan, Gabrielle and Joy

Meghan, Gabrielle and Joy

The Puppy Trio (as I called them) were rowdy and messy and happy puppies.  I spent a lot of time mopping up oopsies.  Bad part was that last Monday as I was mopping something in my lower back said “POP!” and I’ve barely been able to stand ever since.  Well, that’s not right.  I did get better and decided by Wednesday I could mop again because the puppies and Bandit went outside and made a mud hole then reentered the house and tracked all that mud right up into my lap.  They were so happy with their discovery.  All I could do was laugh!

I sat there looking at all that mud and knew that my sister-in-law was coming down that evening and would see all that mess.  This is what I saw: MudPuppiesAnd, of course, it got worse with time.  So, I decided that I needed to let it dry, sweep then mop.  And I did.  And since then I can barely stand up and not for any length of time or without pain.  So, Saturday we began chiropractic treatments and it helped but only lasted a few minutes.  I’ll be going all week this week and can only hope for relief.

This was later when all was clean:

Sweet, full, contented puppies and their guardian, Bandit

Sweet, full, contented puppies and their guardian, Bandit

This is why we do rescue…………



Pepper at the kill shelter

Ronnie asked me what I wanted for our anniversary (December 15th), Christmas (December 25th), and my birthday (January 14th).  I had the same answer every time: “I don’t need anything and there’s nothing I really want”.  That changed when one of my rescue friends sent me this picture on Facebook.

Pepper Checking Out His New Home

Pepper Checking Out His New Home

Then I knew what I wanted

(not necessarily what any of us needed).  I wanted to get that little 4 pound boy out of the kill shelter before he was euthanized.  I picked him up on my birthday and it was love at first sight for both of us.  I named him Pepper (I have no idea why???) and he answered to it immediately.  He is the softest, most cuddly 4 pounds you could imagine.  Somebody loved this baby well; there’s no trauma in his makeup.  Someone lost their baby.  He was a stray and was turned in to the shelter because the people who found him couldn’t keep him.  Someone has lost their angel.  So glad we found him before he reached his kill date.  Welcome to the Lindsey home, little Pepper.  On Friday he was neutered, micro-chipped, updated on his inoculations, checked for heartworms and parasites (both negative), and had his remaining baby teeth removed.  He’s healthy and happy; what else could we ask for?

I took him down to see my mom last week.  Her dog is 14 years old and in failing health.  She is expecting to have to put him down later this year.  She agrees that Pepper would be an ideal baby for her when her dog goes away.  I’m going to be taking him to see her often so they can bond.  Maybe this is the reason he came into our lives.  Poetic justice.

Fancy’s 13th Birthday

November 16, 2013

November 16, 2013

Am I a little behind?  Only a month, I say.  Oops.  I’ve been going through my seasonal depression, currently coming out of the worst of it but haven’t been extroverted enough to try to share anything for a while.  Took pictures of Fancy celebrating her 13th birthday at Sonic Drive-In, her usual celebration place.  She was hyper and excited to smell all the food-related scents, going for a ride in the car and shopping at Petsmart.  She’s always loved to go and she’s a wonderfully well-behaved companion.  Now we have 2 13 year olds in our pack.  Like us the pack is chalking up the years and slowing down somewhat, but all of us are happy to just be here and love each other.  We’re so fortunate to have the pack we have.  They’re so loving and happy, gentle and playful, sweet and cuddly.

I decided today that I’m not taking anymore sleeping pills.  I feel like crap when I wake up, wake with a headache, and sleep awfully bad.  Sometimes they work; sometimes they don’t, so it’ll not be a big loss, I’m thinking.  I’ve got to get my energy back and I think this may be sapping my strength so it’s worth a try.  Also, considering going back for another sleep study since I know I have apnea from the past two studies I had.  May have to go back to CPAP therapy again.  Time will tell, but I’m about ready to try anything to feel better.

I have all my xmas shopping completed, a few things to wrap but mostly finished for another year.  I’ll be glad when I can get it all behind me for another year.  Ronnie has been taking me riding to see xmas lights and I have enjoyed seeing them, for once.  Normally I just complain about the waste so I’m glad I’ve been able to enjoy just riding around looking at the pretties.  Tonight, on the way home from the grocery store, we went through an affluent neighborhood that we could see from the highway.  We could only see one huge home with white lights on every eave but once we got into the subdivision it was amazing all the lights.  We didn’t even know the subdivision was that big until tonight.  Other than xmas lights it was very dark and I finally dialed us up on GPS so we could find our way back to the highway to come home.  Some trip!

I’ll try to share more often now that things are slowing down around here.  All the babies that were imminent are here and all are healthy so that’s a relief in itself.  I haven’t gotten any sewing done lately and the xmas gifts are clogging up my sewing room but I’ll get there.  I have lots of projects, some started, some only in my mind.  As I said, I’ll get there……..

It’s Done!

Monkey Quilt finished

Monkey Quilt finished

After about a year sitting on the back burner the monkey quilt is finally complete!  Surprisingly it only took a couple of hours to finish on Sunday.  Today I completed a baby blanket with four appliques (frog, monkey, lion & elephant) to include in this gift package.  The baby shower is Sunday so I should be finished with everything by then.  I’ve been experiencing some depression of late so everything got put on a back burner for a bit.  Seem to be coming out of it some now and life is improving for me; I’m feeling more like myself but still have a way to go back to “normal”.  I’ll get there; I always do with the help of pharmaceuticals.  I made it two years this time before it recurred so I’m getting better with age evidently.  LOL

The weather is cooling down now in Texas, more rain and less heat.  Everything is still green, a lot of things still blooming, but the incessant steaming is over for this season.  I managed to swap out my summer clothes for my winter clothes the other day; all my tanks are back in storage for another season.  I really enjoyed my first summer of retirement since it was the first time in a lot of years that I could wear what I wanted, including short pants and tank tops, since I was a teen.  Much more comfortable than what I’d been wearing to work for the past 40 or so years.  I got to sit on the patio and watch the dogs play even in the middle of the day (until the mosquitos got too bad to be out at all).

Retirement has been a pleasant undertaking so far.  On October 29th I reached my first year milestone, and I still like it and am glad that I took this step upon myself.  It was a good decision.  Life is good.  Marriage is great.

It’s 2 A.M.; time to sleep but I’m wide awake.  I’m the only one in the house awake.  This is the only time the house is this quiet, only a few doggie snores and the faint sound of electrical noise heard.  I love this time of night; it’s probably the most peaceful time for me.  Nobody needs or wants anything from me and I can just enjoy the quiet and really relax.  It’d be a great time to sew but even if I shut the door to the sewing room I would still wake up the whole house, so I’ll just surf the ‘Net instead until my sleeping pill lulls me into a stupor.  LOL  “Tomorrow is another day!”

Fancy Miss Fancypants

Miss Fancypants fresh from the beauty parlor

Miss Fancypants fresh from the beauty parlor

This is Fancy (AKA Lindseys Fancypants on her papers) at her favorite place, Sonic Drive-In.  She always loves going to Sonic because she can smell up all the smells from the other cars and from the food being cooked and served.  And no one will tell her “No!” or “Get down!” or “Stay out of that!”.  For a dog’s nose this is probably the closest they get to Nirvana!  Usually what she gets from Sonic is a treat after she’s done something good, for instance, was good at the vet or her grooming appointment, or a trip to Petsmart or Petco.  We take all the babies from time to time but since Fancy is the eldest she’s been more times and knows every time she leaves the house she WILL wind up at Sonic.  I don’t think she knows what it means to “be good” or to “earn a treat”, but she’s just a sweet baby and always deserves something nice.  Treats for her mean a cheeseburger plain and dry, vanilla ice cream, popcorn chicken, or tater tots.  She’s getting so gray now, my old lady doggie.  Next month she will be 13 people years old and she’s still the best dog in the house.  Nothing seems to bother her much and she doesn’t get into anything the other dogs might find of interest.  She is a barker and will wake me up most mornings before I want to get up, otherwise she’s just a quiet cuddler you hardly know is around.  We love you, Fancy!!!!!!!!

Mr. Freckles

Happy  Ending!

Happy Ending!

It’s a go!  Love!  Love! Love!  They’re so happy together!!!!!  I don’t know which one is the happier of the two.  Adoption complete; now working on the last health issues (dental cleaning, micro-chipping, etc.) which is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Big event for this weekend: Jolie attacked an Akita in front of our house on the way to the mailbox Thursday night.  She has stitches and a drain in her hip.  Thankfully the Akita only caught her with a passing nip so Jolie wasn’t even bleeding, but the skin was torn open bad enough to need stitches and a drain.  She’s in a lot of pain, still giving her pain meds every 8 hours and that’s helping a lot.  Friday she hardly came out of the crate all day because she was still coming down off the anesthesia they administered in the ER in order to install the drain and stitch her up.  Now she has begun  to follow me from room to room again.  Poor thing!  But she attacked the other dog, not the other way around.  Graphic photo:

Jolie's dog bite injuries

Jolie’s dog bite injuries

Here’s how it happened: Every day (or most every day) I put Jolie on a leash and we walk across the street to the mailbox to gather our daily junk mail allotment.  Thursday was no different.  I had met Ronnie for dinner, came home, put Jolie on her leash and walked out the front door.  Immediately across the street she spied this Akita dragging his leash down the street; the owner was half a block down headed toward him.  The hair rose on Jolie’s back and she went into “Rottweiler mode”.  I pulled back on the leash while saying, “No, Jolie.  No, Jolie” which has never stopped her before but which came naturally into my conversation when dealing with canines.  She popped her head around and slipped completely out of her collar then charged the Akita at warp speed and me running behind her yelling “No, Jolie.  No, Jolie” to absolutely no effect.  The Akita turned around, saw Jolie charging toward him and looked like he was laughing at her ridiculous threat.  But Jolie is in Rottweiler mode so she doesn’t know he’s bigger/meaner than her and she never slows down, just charges him nipping at his ankles.  Of course, he nipped back but he picked her up in his jaws by her hips and then put her down (thankfully).  I could see she was injured but Jolie didn’t know she was injured; I was waiting for the blood which thankfully never came.  When he put her down, Jolie did an about-face and charged him again.  He circled her a few times now with me and his owner in the circle trying to separate the two of them before Jolie got hurt any worse.  I even had a moment’s fear that the Akita would jump me because I was too close, but I backed up a step and so did he out of respect for each other.

That was when Jolie realized she was hurt, put her tail between her legs and headed back toward the house.  Thankfully!  She was right beside me going through the front door even though she had no collar or leash on.  I shut the door then chased her in, turning on lights all the way so I could assess the damage.  One good look was all I needed to know she needed veterinary care sooner rather than later.  I could see the tissue under the torn, gaping skin on her hip and even though she wasn’t bleeding she would need pain medicine and antibiotics.  One glance at the clock told me it would be the veterinary ER because our vet was closed for the day.  Crap!

So, I called Ronnie, who had stopped to buy gas and told him to please come home as soon as he was finished fueling the truck so he could help me get Jolie to the ER.  I had her in a crate with a clean blanket; I just needed some muscle to get the whole shebang into the car (Jolie is a hefty little girl who bites when you push her the wrong way and, since she was in pain, every way was the wrong way).  He got home posthaste and off to the ER we three went.  Of course they had to keep her overnight, put her to sleep in order to install a drain where the skin was gaped open, then stitch her all up.  I picked her up at 7:30 Friday morning and brought her home.  She goes in to our regular vet tomorrow afternoon to get the drain looked at.  We’ve decided to put her in a harness full-time because she hates having the harness put on and tries to bite me when I dress her.  That’s why she was in her collar and not a harness (which she can’t get out of no matter how much she hates it).  That will be done today and she’ll just have to learn to like it…..or she will never go out the front door again in my (or her) lifetime.

This is the 2nd dog she’s attacked in front of our house on the way to the mailbox.  The first time it was a little, furry white dog on a leash walking with his mom down the street.  Jolie did the same thing: popped out of her collar and charged him with me running behind her.  She runs faster than I do, of course.  Thankfully the first time the lady had a stick and hit Jolie with it several times, so by the time I got to Jolie she had not hurt the poor little dog who was totally innocent and wondering what the hell was going on.  Jolie has chased (or offered to chase) the big dogs who live directly across the street who thankfully mind better than Jolie and came to their owner when he summoned them….or we would have had this scenario a couple of weeks ago.   If she didn’t need the extra exercise (she has COPD, a heart murmur and is very overweight) she would simply stop going out the front door but she does love her special time with me away from the other dogs.  She’s used to being an only child so the mailbox trip is something she does without sharing her mom-time attention.  But, from now on she doesn’t go unless I am in total control of her.  This shit sucks!

Freckles Revisited

Freckles Too

Freckles Too

Meet the next Freckles, hopefully the final Freckles.  I do believe it was love at first sight with this baby.  The human and the canine elements of this match seem to be in complete accord.  Picked this one up from a fellow rescuer on Sunday.  (I actually picked up 2 Chihuahuas, one a female who died yesterday at our vet of a pulmonary embolism that happened several days before.  I think I’m still in shock over that!  How did the owner not know that little sweetheart was sick?  She didn’t even live 24 hours after we got her.  I’ve never had that happen before!)  Mr. Freckles was neutered yesterday then delivered to his new daddy.  I saw them today and they are already joined at the hip.  Even though the first Freckles wasn’t a good fit the name was, so this baby who was originally named Angel is now Freckles…permanently?  Time will tell.  He is a sweet little dog, I know that much.  He only weighs 7 pounds, is very cuddly, uses the doggie door and slept in his own bed last night.  Got my fingers crossed!

I got the laptop with the new motherboard out of the shop, ordered recovery disks that didn’t end up working, ordered a new charger which did work, replaced the hard drive and upgraded the RAM memory.  Still loading it.  Today is the 3rd time I’ve reloaded the system.  First time I was waiting on the recovery disks and just played with what I had.  The second time was a corrupted file in the boot sector that I couldn’t repair.  I’m loading SP2 right now and hoping for the best.  This thing will go in the bin for the garage sale if I have to load it again.  With what I’ve spent on it so far I could have bought a new one, especially with the time I have in on it.  Time will tell whether I get a new travel laptop or not but I’m getting grumpy about this one.  This is the last computer I have to work on though.  The other two are finished, one waiting to be picked up but the owner has been notified that it’s ready.  Ronnie said one of the neighbors had a computer he wanted me to look at but we haven’t heard anything from him since.

I’ve gotten NO sewing done at all and have a stack of fabric waiting on me (including a blanket for Freckles with his name on it).  Found out yesterday we have another female baby to sew for who is due in November.  I’ve got to get some blankets, bibs, etc., churned out or I’ll have to buy gifts.  I really like sewing for the babies so I just have to come up with some TIME!!!


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