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Late Night Update

After spending the past couple of weeks feeling like the pressure on me was building and getting no help from my spouse, I finally realized that my problem was lack of decent quality sleep. Am I super smart all of a sudden? No, of course not…I just got 10 hours sleep and felt like a human being when I woke up today. I finally realize why I was feeling so exhausted all the time and so short-tempered. A little sleep can be a miracle, and I should have realized this before. Dummy!!!!!

I had a good day. Ronnie was out fishing until dark so I had the day to myself. I did all the things I normally do on payday: balance the checkbook, make phone calls, go to the ATM, put gas in the car and go shopping. Yeah, great day to add to the beautiful weather in Texas.

Even the doggie situation is looking up. Mr. Winkie has been moved from medical hold to ready for adoption, and Daisy may have a place to go and a chance for a new home.

Daisy today was so sweet and mostly well-mannered. She’s been a riot lately with Ronnie and me, and our bath water. Daisy loves water in any way, shape or form. And when we bathe she thinks she can just get in with us & share the bath. Usually I’ll tell her “No” and not let her in, but today I thought I’d just watch and see what happened. Of course, she got right into the bathtub while the water was still being drawn, got out to get her toy and went right back in, chased a piece of dead grass that’d washed off one of her feet and blew bubbles in the water through her nose. It was a riot and I wished I’d taken a camera into the bathroom with me. Fortunately, Ronnie had taken his iPhone into the bathroom recently and caught Daisy’s antics:

Daisy in the bath

Daisy in the bath


Mr. Winkie

Mr. Winklestein

Okay, you have to admit this little guy is cute as hell! This is "Roy" I wrote about in August who’d been attacked by a bigger dog. He’s mostly healed from his injuries and has had his first heartworm treatment. I go visit him every Thursday and take what I’ve begun to call "Winkie burgers". I took a child’s sized plain cheeseburger to him and one for another dog that was in the next cage. He wanted it so much that he couldn’t even wait for me to tear it apart for him. He was taking the other half of the burger out of my hand. So, last week when I went in, I went prepared. I took 5 cheeseburgers. I fed Winkie one and left the others for the rest of the dogs ( I wasn’t feeling good that day so I didn’t stay long enough to pass them around myself). When I go this week I’m going to get bigger burgers. Those babies love their Winkie burgers!

I haven’t had much time to sew lately because I’ve been working on computers for the family—9 of them so far. I have one in the shop that needed a motherboard so was out of my league, and one was scavenged for parts because it was beyond repair. We ended up with one old laptop that is ready to go to some needy person as yet unidentified. Ronnie says one of his coworkers is going to bring us another laptop so I know I’ll have at least one more coming in some time soon.

I’m also participating in the Windows 10 Technical Preview program so I have that loaded on an extra laptop. So far I like it, much better than Windows 8, though 8.1 was an improvement. In order to use my "sewing room laptop" for Windows 10 I purchased a cheap laptop (yes, purple!) from HP that’s supposed to arrive by the end of the month. Even custom-built it was only $400, and it will give me a new machine for my sewing room and allow me to play with the one that was in there. Windows 10 is supposed to be released to manufacturing next summer so this will give me time to evaluate the preview. I did the Preview program on Windows 7 but not on Windows 8. I hated Windows 8 on sight and wanted no part of it, but it does grow on you once you’re familiar with it (never thought I’d say that).

Today was my follow-up at the pain specialist. I don’t know what happened but he’s no longer there–just like that!! I asked his PA if he was moving the practice or if he’d retired. She paused, looked away then back and said, "in his mind I think he thinks he’s retiring, but he won’t be practicing anywhere else". What the hell does that mean???? He was a good doctor; both Ronnie and I went to him and we’ll miss him terribly because he was so good and funny. Dammit! On the good side, I am doing much better and not dealing with as much pain as I had the first part of the year.


This is our Daisy all healed up and learning new things–like how to cuddle, be still and wear a muzzle. She is beginning to come out of some of her puppy stage and is easier to handle now. She will wear a muzzle (she has 3 of them) while she’s out when the little dogs are also out (like first thing in the morning for potty and breakfast time). It’s funny that when she’s wearing the muzzle it’s like, besides keeping her from being able to bite/attack the little dogs, it muzzles her brain, too. While she’s wearing it she is calm and will not move around much especially toward the little dogs. She will lay on the couch and cuddle, sometimes not even going to potty until the little ones are back in their crates and I remove her muzzle. And once the muzzle comes off, Daisy is super-charged! She runs and barks, grabs toys and throws them in the air, chases her tail, jumps on the furniture, etc.! She’s a different dog. Weird!! We are still wanting to rehome her but she’s so damned sweet that sometimes I forget to post her stats. LOL I’m definitely a dog person!

Can’t Miss August!

Actually I’ve been trying to find the time and the brain power to post for this entire month, but both have been in short supply.  On July 19th we drove to Ft. Worth, Texas, to rescue a female blue heeler mix to be a playmate for Bandit.  Her name is Daisy and she’s a good people dog but not a good dog to be around other dogs.  Therein lies the problem.  She has tried to attack every dog she’s come across and did get into a fight with one of our larger Chihuahua mixes.  Once was enough so now we are trying to find a new home for her.  Until that happens we are back to playing musical crates with the dogs.  The little ones alternate every 2 hours with Daisy.  It’s a pain in the butt but we’re managing.  She’s very sweet, smart, happy and playful, and she seems to want to play with the other dogs but we can’t risk the damage she could do to one of them.  She is bigger even than Bandit though not by that much, maybe 10 pounds.

Freckles has started his heartworm treatment.  He got his first shot and goes back on September 15 & 16 for the last two.  Then he will be all healthy and can live in peace in his new home.  He loves his new family and the feeling is mutual.

The next issue on my agenda is our home air conditioning.  On Saturday, after attending a birthday party for a one year old we came home to find the temperature inside the house at 79 degrees with the thermostat set at 70.  When it’s 100 degrees outside the AC will not reach 70 during the daytime, but it rarely gets over 75 much less almost 80 and running full out.  So Monday the repair peeps replaced a part, added Freon and told me that its time has come and will need to be replaced soon.  There goes my new sewing machine!  But these babies must be kept cool in the Texas heat (to say nothing about Ronnie and myself!) so replace it we will, but not until the weather cools enough to do without the AC for a full day or two.  This time the ductwork in the attic will have to be replaced as well.  Last time they only replaced the unit in the attic and the one outside but left the ducting.  It has seen its better day since it is original with the house 22 years of age (have I really lived here that long????).

On the sewing front: this month I have learned to make burp cloths and the things NOT to do when making them.  I have made a multitude of blankets, even a couple that will reside overseas (the farthest I have ever mailed one).  I have figured out some of the foibles of my most expensive machine and read some of the instruction book.  I actually learned a whole new section I didn’t know existed.  Go figure!  I have stitched a couple of things for a friend and volunteered to stitch something for another friend’s child.  The dogs love my sewing days because we have covered 1/3 of the floor in cushy doggie beds and they lounge while I enjoy my machines.  Works for all of us.

We also have volunteered to pay for vetting of an injured Chihuahua mix found in Houston that had been attacked by a bigger dog and left to die in the sun.  One of our friends saved him (named him Roy) and took him to our vet where he lives until they find a home for him.  There are a couple of possibles already so that is encouraging.

Roy, prior to treatment

Roy, prior to treatment

Here are some other photos of him with his wounds cleaned.  Thankfully none of them were deep and none required sutures.  They got fluid onboard with pain medication and antibiotics and the report is positive.  Unfortunately he is heartworm positive so will have to endure the same heartworm treatments that Freckles has had.

Roy's wounds

Roy’s wounds

Roy after starting treatment

Roy after starting treatment


I haven’t gotten to see him yet since yesterday I waited all day on repairmen and today I had to buy groceries, pick up dog prescriptions, put gas in the car, etc., so I didn’t have the time to drive over there but I will see him Friday when I take Daisy in for suture removal (she had a bump removed last Tuesday).  Tomorrow is dog training in Galveston, my hair appointment and nail appointment, etc.  Then, Thursday the housekeeper will come and shovel out my house.  LOL  I love to watch the dogs when she leaves: they tiptoe around with this expression on their faces like, “who fucked up our floors?  they smell funny now!”.  Love it!  And love our dogs!!!!!!!!

Been Too Bored To Post

3rd baby quilt done

3rd baby quilt done

Life has its ups and downs and I guess I’m on the up side right now.  I’ve been to all the doctor appointments, physical therapy, been under and over medicated and given medicine that didn’t do a damned thing.  I wore a black back brace (that was only missing the sleeves to be a strait jacket) over one blouse and under another blouse for a month.  (Do you know how hot that is in Texas?  Too damned hot!!!!) So the amount of clothes I’ve had to wash has gone up by leaps and bounds.

Last week I had the follow-up appointment with the pain specialist.  I brought him up to speed on all the things ordered for me by the neurosurgeon.  Here’s what he said:  1. the reason the pain pills are putting me to sleep is because they are giving me too damned much.  He prescribes 300 mg/per day until the patient gets used to the side effects, then increases as necessary.  The NS (neurosurgeon) was having me take 300 mg 3 times a day (and I wondered why I was falling asleep sitting up!).  2. NS sent me to physical therapy which had done nothing but cost me and the insurance company money.  Pain doc says: my pain is caused from a cyst pressing against a nerve & no amount of PT will help that.  Quit immediately and save my PT visits for when I really need them.  3. stop wearing the back brace because the more I wear it the weaker my core muscles will become and then I’ll really have problems.  4. if the medicine isn’t helping just don’t take it  5. come back in October and we’ll reassess.  ……I love my pain doctor!!!!!!!!

So I went back to sewing.  We have another baby shower to go to on the 26th and I hadn’t started any of my baby gifts.  I had another baby quilt to put together, too.  In the past week or so I’ve finished the quilt and made 3 simple blankets (2 receiving, 1 fleece).  I’ve got several dog blankets hemmed waiting for embellishments and stuff to make another personalized baby blanket for Ronnie to take to work.  I have 6 bandanas for dogs completed and more yet to do.  They’re cool because you slip the collar through the top and the bandana doesn’t have to be tied on, so it doesn’t fall off.  There is a multitude of designs.  This is one of them:

no-tie doggie bandana

no-tie doggie bandana

This week we babysat for a Chihuahua that belongs to our housekeeper while she & her husband drove to Tyler, Tx, for the birth of her grandson.  They are over the moon!  I’m so happy for them.  Since they had been planning on taking their other grandkids to San Antonio for 3 days this week, that trip had to be postponed.  So we’ll get to spend some more time with him in 2 weeks.  Freckles is about to become the permanent property of his new mom.  She’s going to come get him tomorrow and keep him for a whole week.  If it works out, she may not bring him back until time for him to go in for his heartworm treatment in August.  He’s on his premeds right now so it won’t be long now.  When Freckles and Conway aren’t with us we will be down to 8 dogs (counting Jolie, who isn’t ours but we are medically fostering her and she’ll be with us for life).  For a while I’ll get a rest and a bit of time for myself.

This is a picture I embroidered & mounted on a stretched-burlap board for my grand-daughter’s birthday.  She likes giraffes.


Giraffe in Pajamas


I have all kinds of ideas for more things.  Besides the baby and dog blankets, I’m going to learn to make burp towels, a different kind of hooded baby towel, pictures for both bathrooms, more dog beds, more dog bandanas or other donations, and a million other things.  Finding the time and the energy at the same time is the stumbling point.  Some days I have time.  Some days I have energy.  Every once in a while they both arrive in the same day.  That’s the days I pray for.  LOL  What do you pray for?

This is the gift from me to me, my new car:

2014 Honda CRV XL-Navi Mountain Aire Metallic

2014 Honda CRV XL-Navi Mountain Aire Metallic

Just what I wanted, the model and the color and the price.  I love it.  Nice vehicle and a nice thing to do for myself.

There is also sad news that Freckles’ human daddy, George who lived around the corner and was the owner of Buffy who passed away last July, has passed away.  We currently have Freckles at our house but the caretaker/neighbor of George’s is trying to implement Freckles into her family.  Her dog is totally happy with Freckles but her cat is fighting it tooth & nail.  So Sandy is taking it slowly.  Freckles is with us most of the time, then she takes him to her house from time to time.

Ronnie with Freckles

Ronnie with Freckles, Jolie asleep in the background

Tonight is going to be an overnighter.  Our fingers are crossed.  Sandy loves the little sweetie so we hope she can get him on permanently.

The update is on my health.  I’ve been to the neurosurgeon now and he’s given me a compounded pain cream to rub on 3-4 times per day  (twice so far today), a pain pill to take 3/per day (haven’t yet), and I will start physical therapy on the 16th.  He also mentioned trying to get me a back brace made to help with the pain but I haven’t heard from those folks yet.  He said for me not to lift more than 10 pounds, no mopping or sweeping, and not to let Bandit jump on me.  I’m doing my best to do that.  The pain that I had prior to the nerve blocks is coming back so I hope some of this works.  I don’t want to live my life doped up all the time so I’m taking as little of this medicine as possible without just stopping my life and taking dope all day and night.  I’m not hurting that bad; I don’t know if I’ll ever hurt that bad, but never say never either.

Other than that I’ve been feeling very tired lately and found out my thyroid levels are low, so they’re supposed to increase my medication but there was a short between the doctor and the pharmacy.  When I went to pick up my prescriptions today it was wrong.  They’ll have to straighten it out on Monday.  Otherwise I’m just making it from one day to the next the best way I can until something changes for the better.

My Latest Update

WordPress bit the dust so I’ll continue today’s post from here. Miss Priss and Angie are so happy together. Every time I’ve asked about them Angie tells me “she’s so precious!!!!!!!!!!”. That’s exactly what we want to hear after an adoption. They’re doing great together. Priss gets all the attention and Angie has someone to keep her company. Two for two isn’t bad.

Today was my follow-up with the pain management specialist. Good news and bad news. Good news is that the nerve blocks have been 80% effective which is wonderful and may be hard to beat. Bad news is per the MRI results I have a 4MM synovial cyst on the L5-S1 disk and some bulging between the vertebras. They’re sending me to the Neurosurgeon to get his opinion (not surgery, just his opinion and we’ll meet afterward and discuss options before anything else is done to my spine. That’s kind of scary at this time but I will get more than one opinion before I’ll let anyone go slicing on my nerves or spine. They gave me a script for muscle relaxers which have helped more than anything else so far. Wish me luck.

On a bright note I’m about to get started on the dog bandanas, etc., I’m making to sell. This will be a first—to sell my handwork. The only thing I’ve sold so far was doggie blankets to a few people on Facebook. It’s time for me to open an Etsy account now though. I’m going to need a storefront very soon. Kind of excited about it. Wish me luck. I’ll post photos of what I’m making and my address on Etsy.

Miss Priss hard at chewing her new bone that her mommy bought for her

Miss Priss hard at chewing her new bone that her mommy bought for her

Yes, Miss Princess has found her forever home with my youngest sister, Angela, in Galveston.  It was love at first sight; I don’t know who was the happiest.


Angela snuggling with Miss Princess (AKA Priss)


Angie & Princess Day 1



Been Organizing

I’ve had a good week. On Tuesday I had the last of two nerve blocks and the majority of the pain is now gone. When I get up in the morning I don’t hurt at all. After I’m on my feet all day I can feel pain in the back of my thigh and calf, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was. Just getting rid of the pain has made me excited about life again. So I’ve been working on organizing the sewing room (again—still). Ronnie got the 2nd armoire put together and moved into its place and I finally finished getting everything firmly in place this afternoon. What do you think?

Ronnie doing his building thing in the middle of the living room

Ronnie doing his building thing in the middle of the living room

Both armoires seen from the door

Both armoires seen from the sewing room door


General view of cleaner room










I’ve also spent a little time out shopping, sewing, got my hair cut, finished a baby gift and started the next one, and got a job offer.  LOL  It’s been a good week.  Got the car washed yesterday because the dog hair was taking it over.  The weather has been so bright and beautiful lately and no rain was forecast, so don’t you know that by yesterday afternoon it rained?  Of course!  But it’s still nice and clean inside.

Today (after cleaning both fish tanks and doing 3 loads of laundry, then finishing the sewing room) I made spaghetti sauce that smelled heavenly for hours before Ronnie got home from work so we could eat.  It was hard to keep away from it.  I’ve only cooked a couple of times since the treatment Tuesday allowed me back on my feet, but I’ve really enjoyed eating at home and not all the fast, fat food.  I love to eat out but when that’s all you do, the excitement pales quickly.  Hope I can keep this up for a while.  I go back for a follow-up at the pain management doctor’s on the 12th and I want to see if I have limits and need to do a 3rd nerve block, but I don’t want to overdo it so badly that I get back to where I can’t do anything again.

The old clock on the wall says it’s heading toward 2 A.M. so I’d better sign off while I’m ahead.  Goodnight.


Two Down, One To Go

The first set of injections on my lower back are done. The pain is still there but I had an MRI today and the 2nd set of injections are next Tuesday. I do think it’s more manageable than it was. The pain in my lower back is gone but the pain down my leg into my thigh and calf is still there.

Things are going better around here in general. We still have too many dogs but Jolie’s health seems a little better the past 48 hours; she had me worried there for a while. I did get some sewing done and some blankets made for a baby gift I’ll deliver tomorrow. Ronnie’s helped me move some furniture around in the sewing room and we’ve ordered a second armoire so I’ll have a place to store fabric without using multiple totes of various sizes. I’ve asked for a pegboard to put the things that really need to be hung up so that may be in the works soon. Just getting organized has been a chore. I’ve bought so much “stuff” that I’ve run out of places to store it all, and if I don’t sew regularly, when I do go back I have trouble remembering where the hell I’ve put it. This has caused me to buy some “stuff” more than once so it really needs to all have its own place. I’m labeling things as I organize it so maybe I’ll be able to find it a second time. LOL

The weather has gotten gorgeous lately even though it’s bringing the heat back with it. Now that the weather is nicer I need to get back in the habit of sitting on the patio with the dogs and taking pictures of them doing all their cute little things. I really enjoyed that last year. Once I get my back healed I’ll be able to drag the garden hoses around and start watering all this green stuff that’s so beautiful now. We’re not due to get much rain in the next month so it’ll have to be watered if we expect it to survive.

I’ve taken up reading before sleep again, or maybe reading myself to sleep is more correct. At least it gets me off the computer earlier than in the past. I have a Nook and a Kindle and plenty of books. Ronnie and I share the same accounts so we get more use out of the ebooks. Some are quite inexpensive but some are rather pricey. We both read so much and so fast that it just doesn’t pay to spend a lot on books of any kind. Fortunately we like the same type of books and most of the same authors so it works out.

It’s about time to go find those books and let the Internet rest. Until later…


I’m feeling yucky right now. Been nauseated since about 3 A.M. with chills and interrupted sleep. The stomach doctor changed my medication and I’ve been getting sicker and sicker so I stopped taking it yesterday; don’t know how long it will be before it’s out of my system, but I’m way past ready. I have good days then bad days but not too much in between. I just want to not be sick anymore!!!

Diego says he's going to like summer in Texas if I keep buying him ice cream

Diego says he’s going to like summer in Texas if I keep buying him ice cream

Yesterday was a good day.  I took Diego down to Mom’s to play with Pepper and they really enjoyed each other.  She said to bring him back any time.  On the way home, since we hadn’t eaten all day, I pulled in to Sonic and bought both of us an ice cream. Diego said he likes that ice cream stuff but if he eats very much of it he starts shivering.  I put the rest of it in the freezer so he can enjoy it another time.

I saw the pain doctor on Thursday and they’re going to do some nerve blocks in my lower back on the 22nd and 29th, so eventually I ought to be back to myself and be able to do more.  I’m looking forward to that…a lot.

We had an adoption event scheduled for today but I never could find out any details about when/where we were to meet or who was doing what.  Then, after being sick all night I wasn’t up to going anyway.  We were going to take Princess.  I made her a blanket, embroidered her name on a new harness and monogrammed her new dress.  She would have been the prettiest dog there.  I’ll try to get some photos.  I’ve been altering all the dog harnesses so they fit and the dogs stay in them, especially the tiny dogs.  Even the extra small size is too big for the little ones.

We got our new fish tank put together when Ronnie got home from work last night.  The other one was too tall for me to reach down into which made caring for it difficult at times.  We bought some fish at the local shop and they had ich.  We lost the entire tank in just a few days and I decided to replace it instead of cleaning and restocking the same one I’d been complaining about.  Ronnie agreed with me.  We bought some feeder fish to stock the new one with so we can get the tank cycled where it’ll support good fish.  None died overnight but we’ll give it a week or so and see where we stand then.  I’ll try to get some photos of that, too.

I’m going to go see if we have some Dramamine in the dogs’ medicine chest.  Yuck!




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